Custom Case Design Options from M-Line

Custom Case Design Options from M-Line

Plastic cases are a durable way to protect your products during shipment. They’re also useful for a variety of other applications, such as keeping tools and parts organized in your factory or in transit.
Watch our video demonstration below to see how we transformed a service tech’s unorganized metal toolbox into a neat, professional case that can be carried anywhere.

What are Plastic Product Cases Used for?

As seen in the video, plastic cases can be used to create a safe, portable option for storing a variety of tools.

If you have a high-end or very delicate product, a plastic case can also help during shipment and storage. Think of products like musical instruments, military equipment and cameras.

Cases can come with a variety of properties. They can help protect their contents from moisture and water, corrosion, mold, shocks and drops, extreme temperature fluctuations and more.

How much do plastic packaging cases cost?

The cost will vary depending on the size, shape, special properties, etc. Plastic cases also typically need a custom foam insert that will fit the shape and size of your product. At M-Line, we are a proud dealer of SKB Cases, which have been made in the USA since 1977.

While they may be more expensive initially than a corrugated cardboard box, think of the long-term investment. First, the piece can be used over and over again, whether it’s for your company’s use or whether you collect the case after delivery to a customer.

Second, a case’s superior protection capabilities mean it’s less likely that a product will be damaged in transit and need to be replaced, saving you time, money and customer complaints.

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What will I get with a custom plastic case design?

A custom design is truly that - made exactly to your specifications. As you saw in the video above, each case will be different depending on your needs.

We’ll make sure the size, shape and design of the case will protect your product. Then, we’ll custom-design foam or any other inserts to make the case functional and offer further protection.

Because the cases are so durable, they can be used over and over again. Most cases come with a generous warranty, and replacement parts and pieces (like latches) can be ordered as needed.

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