Custom Box Benefits and Options

Custom Box Benefits and Options

Sometimes, the best packaging solution requires a custom-designed box. Unusual product dimensions, special promotional considerations or unique shipping issues could compel you to go the custom route.

Whatever the reason, a custom box provides the opportunity to showcase your product while neatly accommodating it. It can enhance sales momentum and add an aesthetic touch that will surprise and delight customers as they unbox it. It reinforces the positive customer experience you strive to create for everyone who buys your products and confirms the quality and thought that went into the product itself.  

Custom Boxes with Inserts for  Product Packaging 

Attractive packaging, including shipping containers, should be an element of your brand-building campaign. For consumers viewing your products on retailer shelves or industrial customers taking delivery in their facilities, custom packaging says something special is inside.  

M-Line understands how important distinctive packaging can be today when it’s more vital than ever to use every opportunity to reach customers. A custom box with inserts and visuals developed by M-Line’s packaging engineers and designers will grab the customer’s attention. When your custom box is developed by M-Line, it will cradle the package contents, encapsulating them inside a purpose-designed structure that offers superior protection and significant levels of cost-effectiveness.   

M-Line’s Extensive Custom Box Capabilities 

In addition to a custom box, M-Line can provide a wide variety of enhancements, including regular slotted, full overlap, and pallet cartons in a wide selection of box sizes custom-fit to your product. It offers one-piece and five-panel folders perfect for shipping flat items, and telescoping, multi-depth, and UN boxes that can provide the right dimensions and protection for your product. 

M-Line offers die-cuts and custom shipping inserts to protect your product in transit as well as knock-down and returnable plastic boxes and cartons that enable you to save money and foster recycling and sustainability. What’s more, M-Line’s full-color retail-grade custom printing capabilities will add the dazzle and punchiness that makes your packaged productions stand out in the crowd. 

The box itself can feature single-, double-, or triple-wall designs as well as military-grade specifications to ensure the required level of durability. M-Line: You engineer your products, and we’ll engineer the packaging!  

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