Custom Poly Bags: See How M-Line Can Protect Your Products

Custom Poly Bags: See How M-Line Can Protect Your Products

Need a specialty poly bag for your next packaging project? We can help. 

Watch the video below for a quick look at just a few of the custom poly bag applications we’ve created for our customers over the years: 

  • A multi-compartment bag to protect glass vials for the medical industry. 
  • An amber UV bag to protect light-sensitive items.
  • A double-sided, full-color bag to wow any customer.
  • And more! 


Custom Poly Bags from M-Line

As a quick refresher, most poly bags are measured width x length (example: 9-inch opening, 12 inches long would be 9x12).

Bag thickness is always measured in mils (thousandths of an inch).

There are a huge variety of poly bags available, from tiny bags to hold nuts and screws to huge ones that can cover an entire pallet.

  • A gusseted bag has pleats on the side and is measured by the width of a pleat x length. The gussets give it a square, boxy shape that can sometimes stand on its own.
  • Printed bags are available in all shapes, sizes and colors - from black printing on one side to full-color printing on both sides.
  • Zip-top bags are useful for containing multiple or small pieces and are also available in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Multi-compartment bags help contain several small components together while keeping them individually sealed.
  • Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bags are infused with a chemical that can help stop rust on metal parts.
  • Anti-static poly bags can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The one seen in the video is in the form of a “bonnet” with an elastic cinch to fit snugly over a barrel or piece of equipment.
  • Bags for lining crates, including a foil-film bag as seen in the video, will keep out moisture and are made to fit any shape or size of crate.
  • For light-sensitive components, amber (UV) bags protect the contents by preventing ultraviolet light from entering the bag.
  • For outdoor applications and storage, white ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) bags are made to reflect light as well as not break down in sunlight.
  • Bags can even help keep boxes on a pallet at a stable temperature, as seen with the foil-lined bubble pallet cover shown in the video

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