Why You Should Consider Warehousing Services for Your Packaging

Why You Should Consider Warehousing Services for Your Packaging

How much do you pay for warehouse space?

In today’s market, warehouse space may cost $1 or more per square foot per month. If you’re using a lot of that costly space to store your packaging inventory, you may want to consider an off-site warehousing solution.

Learn more about the warehousing services M-Line can offer in the video below, or keep reading for more details.



Packaging Warehousing Services From M-Line

Let us handle your warehousing needs for you:

  • Stocking programs available for delivery to your dock on a just-in-time basis.
  • Dedicated warehouse staff and drivers personally pick and load your order.
  • Local delivery to ensure your product arrives on time and in good shape
We also offer kitting, packaging and assembly services for a full-service packaging management option. Reduce storage floor space and costs, minimize lead time, and free up cash flow with our packaging inventory management services.

From our nearly 100,000-square-foot warehouse, centrally located in Brunswick, Ohio, our fleet of trucks delivers to Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania on a daily basis.


What Our Customers are Saying About M-Line

See how we’ve helped our customers save time and money by handling their packaging needs for them.

“As far as response time and getting things, you guys are definitely at the top of the list. Every time we work with you guys, we always get into these expedited issues, and you guys always seem to come through for us.” - John S., director of engineering

“It's a one-stop-shop in terms of turnkey solutions. We have quite a bit to manage when we're launching new programs and we can just toss the entire packaging element over the wall to M-Line. We know it's in good hands and one less thing for us to worry about.” - Tom R., supply chain manager

“When you change suppliers for pretty much all supplies, you don't know how it's going to go. With M-Line, I think it went pretty darn smooth overall. No complaints there.” - Chris R., operations manager


Need Packaging Help? Let M-Line Take Care of It

M-Line can help solve your biggest packaging headaches. From design to warehousing to delivery, we can streamline your processes and help you get your time back.

Interested in learning more? Request an audit! We’ll take a look at your packaging process and let you know where you could save time and money.


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