Corrugated Packaging Solutions 

Corrugated Packaging Solutions 

It’s strong, lightweight, highly sustainable, easily customizable, and extremely cost-effective.  These are just a few of the reasons companies choose corrugated packaging for their products. While corrugated packaging is available in both cardboard and occasionally in plastic, this article primarily describes the benefits of cardboard-based corrugated packaging. 

Invented more than 165 years ago, corrugated cardboard has become a dominant feature in packaging design and development. Available in a variety of different materials and configurations, corrugated packaging secures, protects, and even insulates the goods packaged inside it. Even though it’s well over a century and a half old, corrugated material is a thoroughly modern packaging solution.

Design-friendly and Highly Configurable

Corrugated packaging lends itself to innovation because it is so flexible and configurable. Custom boxes can feature single-, double-, or triple-wall designs as well as military-grade specifications to ensure the required level of durability. A capable vendor like M-Line can supply custom-designed corrugated packaging that exactly meets your specifications.

Another advantage of corrugated packaging is that it provides an ideal surface for printing custom graphics. M-Line offers full-color printing capabilities and its digital print lab can produce dazzling graphics custom-tailored for your unique packaging needs.

Sustainability a Plus

Pound for pound, corrugated packaging provides superior protection for many products. It also rates well in terms of sustainability, since companies and consumers can recycle most corrugated cardboard packaging. Recycling can save energy compared with producing paper directly from raw materials. And unlike plastic, which first requires separation and disassembly before recycling and can lose functional performance due to the recycling process, corrugated paper products are largely unaffected by recycling. Currently, nearly two-thirds of all paper and almost 85% of paper-based packaging is recycled into new paper products, meaning there’s less need to cut down trees to meet the demand for this versatile packaging solution.

M-Line makes it possible to protect your products with cardboard corrugated, chipboard, and SBS cartons, or plastic corrugated boxes and cartons. We also offer custom cardboard or corrugated inserts to organize and safeguard products with multiple pieces or components.

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