Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

At M-Line, we work directly with our customers to engineer the most appropriate custom foam inserts based on the weight, size and shape of their products as well as the transportation and storage environments. We’ll also design their custom foam inserts to promote their brand, protect their products and professionally display them to end-users in a way that supports their marketing campaigns.

From production to end-user, keep your products safe with custom foam inserts from M-Line. Here’s a quick look at a look at a few of the custom foam inserts we offer: 

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

EPS is a fairly ridged economically priced foam. Its low compression makes this foam ideal for blocking, bracing and product separation. These custom foam inserts can be molded, which can help drive your cost per piece downMolded EPS is a cost-effective option for high-volume orders.


These custom foam inserts are fabricated out of foam planks usually one to three inches in thicknessThey are great for cushioning expensive products. This foam has excellent shock absorbing properties, vibration dampening properties and comes in a variety of colors Polyethylene foam is commonly fabricated into end caps to protect medical instruments and other electronic devices. 


These custom foam inserts have a soft, sponge-like feel and excellent cushioning and vibration dampening properties They’re available in a variety of colors and different densities. Certain types of polyurethane foam showcase an attractive sparkling effect that contributes to a nice product presentation Convoluted polyurethane (egg crate looking foam) is commonly found under the lid of a case, while fabricated polyurethane is often used underneath the product for superior protection. This versatile foam is great for a myriad of applications.

Crosslinked Polyethylene

These durable custom foam inserts have a smooth feel and are perfect for protecting highly polished surfaces. It is a common foam used in automotive applications where Class A surface protection is requiredCrosslinked polyethylene’s high-tear resistance and excellent memory make it ideal when repeat uses are requiredIt is an ideal foam to be waterjet cut to create very narrow cavities to be used inside of SKB cases. While crosslinked polyethylene is your most expensive option, it has superior protective properties and is an excellent choice.

From prototypes to full production, M-Line has the capability and flexibility to bring you the custom foam inserts you need at the right price. Contact us or give us a call today at (800) 659-8559 to see how we can help you.