Custom Cases with Foam Inserts

Custom Cases with Foam Inserts

When shipping sensitive, fragile, or expensive products, a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts just won’t cut it. Instead, you might need packaging that offers the ultimate in protection against shock and vibration, plus an esthetically pleasing presentation. M-Line’s custom cases with foam inserts deliver reliable, reusable, and secure packaging for valuable items like medical instruments and equipment  

Rugged Protection with Endless Configurations

M-Line is your regional distributor of SKB plastic hardshell cases. SKB has proven to be a reliable case partner with their consistent construction, multitude of case designs and sizes, plus their lifetime warranty against defects.

SKB’s variety of cases enables M-Line to recommend the best solution based on a customer’s product protection needs. While all of M-Line’s custom foam cases deliver durable protection, different case construction methods provide added characteristics such as lightweight, waterproof, dust-tight, corrosion-resistant, impact resistant and stackable.

Our custom foam cases are designed to organize what you want to ship, potentially to military specification standards. The rugged plastic case options combined with M-Line’s expertise in designing and providing custom foam inserts ensures you receive the very best protection for your product.

The type of foam used depends on the weight of the item, its fragility, and the surface of the item. For instance, if the item is highly polished, certain types of foam might mar the surface. Likewise, the heavier the item, the denser the foam must be.  

Foam Choices

Customers have a multitude of foam choices:

  • Polyethylene: Strong, resilient, closed-cell foam. An ideal shock-absorbing product that’s also used to dampen vibration. 
  • Crosslinked polyethylene: This very fine, closed-cell foam has a smooth feel. It’s used extensively in automotive applications where Class A surface protection is required. Its high-tear resistance and excellent memory make this ideal when repeat uses are required. 
  • Polyurethane: A soft, sponge-like, open-cell foam. It can be used in many different applications. 

Beyond protection, custom foam cases can also help companies with brand alignment. For instance, one firm that supplies knee replacements had 400 medical salespeople visiting doctors’ offices to sell prosthetic joints. The company made sure all 400 salespeople had identical cases to display the items to doctors in a consistent, professional manner. 

Engineering the Best Packaging Solution

As a provider of custom packaging solutions, M-Line engineers and designs outer containers and inserts to suit the specific product and application. Whether the project calls for shock and vibration resistance, or waterproof construction, M-Line has the expertise to develop a packaging solution to safeguard your product during transport and storage.  

Do you have a product that needs protecting? Contact us to get a quote on our custom cases with foam inserts.