M-Line Creates SAFE-BOOTH Protective Dividers

M-Line Creates SAFE-BOOTH Protective Dividers

Two big events are occurring this fall: Back-to-school and Election Day. At M-Line, we’re doing our part to make them both safer with our new SAFE-BOOTH product.


We were originally contacted by the Medina County Board of Elections to design a cardboard barrier for poll workers on Election Day. That got our graphic designer John Segrue wondering if the same concept could be used to help keep kids safe at school.

Segrue’s girlfriend, a teacher at Green Valley Elementary School, was concerned for the safety of her students and other teachers as they returned to classes. When she saw the prototype for poll workers, she asked if Segrue something similar could be created for students at school.

We adapted the idea to create the SAFE-BOOTH, a three-sided screen that’s see-through and can easily be folded and carried. Students can simply set one up on their desks to create a barrier around them. And while we’re not public health experts, we’re hoping this simple barrier can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as businesses and schools re-open.

Watch as Dan demonstrates how the SAFE-BOOTH student model works.


Orders Incoming 

When we created a simple product demonstration video to show how the booth works, demand suddenly exploded. We’ve received orders ranging from 50-2,000 pieces, and from schools across Ohio and as far away as Texas and Rhode Island.

Multiple school districts in Northeast Ohio have already purchased booths, including orders from Brunswick, Strongsville, Wickliffe and Shaker Heights.

In addition to the student models, we’ve created adult-sized versions that can be used in open office spaces or anywhere that lacks sufficient barriers. Our plastic or cardboard models are significantly less expensive and easier to install compared to semi-permanent options like plexiglass. 

Product Specs

Sizes and materials vary depending on the exact product. But all SAFE-BOOTH dividers are:

  • Simple to set up – they fold open to provide protection on three sides
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transport
  • Durable and easy to clean

We’re shipping them from our production facility in Brunswick, Ohio.

Interested in Ordering a SAFE-BOOTH?

See more specs on our patent-pending SAFE-BOOTH product and contact us for more information. Custom designs and orders are available. 

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